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There has been recent push by Govt. of India to manufacture electronics locally under the Make in India initiative. The government is providing incentive and in many cases making it mandatory for certain value addition to happen in India. While a large number of mobile handset, TV, consumer electronics, defence, automobile manufacturing units have shifted their base to Noida (and nearby), including Samsung who has put up the largest mobile handset and display manufacturing unit in Noida, India. It is obviously desirable to manufacture in India, however, this involves lot of ground work and investment as under:

  • Understand the local laws to setup a company and banking channels.
  • Rent/construct the premises including various permissions and certifications like Fire, Pollution, Electricity connection, Water connection etc.
  • Import capital machinery.
  • Hire local manpower and comply with compliance requirements like PF, ESI.
  • Manage import and local logistics.
  • Provide after sale service and warranty.
  • Periodic Compliances of dozen of laws related to company incorporation, finance, HR etc.

So, if a company does not want to get involved in above steps or wants to experiment before taking the plunge, then this is where OM Nanotech EMS (Electronic manufacturing services) services become extremely helpful to manage all the issues with a single point of contact, to deliver the desired product that will meet or exceed your expectations of quality and within time and cost constraints.

If you are importing electronic product from countries like China, Korea, Taiwan, Philipines etc., and are interested to manufacture the same locally in India OR want to develop a new product, then OM Nanotech EMS/EDMS services would be most suited for your needs. OM Nanotech EMS services offer cost effective way to substitute for importing with high CONSISTENT quality and timely delivery.


OM Nanotech offers the following services, the customer may opt for all or only a few.

  • OM Nanotech engineering and production department can produce prototype for design validation or testing or both. Having inhouse SMT with programming capabilities, alongwith host of other testing and validation infrastructure and instruments, Om Nanotech can do rapid prototyping and testing.
    Low Volume Manufacturing:
  • OM Nanotech has in-house resources for SMT programming due to which it can quickly set up SMT programmes for new models and do rectifications, if required. The low volume manufacturing is ideal for initial product launch to get customers feedback. Kindly see the SMT capabilities at OM Nanotech given latter at 13.
    High Volume Production:
  • OM Nanotech has two Yamaha SMT lines each consisting of three pick and place machine, printer and Heller reflow oven with total capacity of components placement is 1.4 million CPH. OM Nanotech operates on 24x6 bases with 200+ trained employees and as such can provide very quick turn around time.

    As evident from above, Om Nanotech has required infrastructure for large volume production in the shortest possible time.

    Testing Validation:
  • OM Nanotech has inhouse capability to manufacture jigs and set up SOP for testing the production. The engineering department is specialized in making practical SOPs that can ensure the desired quality every time. If required, OM Nanotech can make automated jigs or do manual testing sample in every batch or every unit produced.

    Alternatively, Om Nanotech can incorporate the testing jigs, processes and procedures being followed by Customer, if any.

    Manual Insertion of Thru hole components:
  • If the product so requires we have enough manpower to do PTH components as well as mounting of specific connectors or any other components that are not conducive for SMT mounting.
    Box build:
  • Om Nanotech has access to sheet metal, casting, machining as well as plastic molding companies to build finished product as per customer requirement. Sister company of Om Nanotech has been building LED lights, Fire Panels, Solar Lights etc. for last 15 years and as such has proven capability. In addition, Om Nanotech has access to manufacturers of electromechanical, RF, Magnetic components, LED, Switches, cables etc.. It has capability to burn firmware on microcontrollers and deliver the finished products.
  • OM Nanotech can do bulk packaging as well as retail packing with or without branding as per customer requirement. Besides inhouse capabilities, OM Nanotech has access to local as well as overseas packaging suppliers to meet packaging requirements of the customer. OM Nanotech has inhouse Laser marking, PAD printing as well as heat sealing packaging capability. It has arrangements for local offset printing as well as box making. OM Nanotech can ensure carton of desired size and quality for shipment.
    Repair and After Sale Services:
  • OM Nanotech has technically qualified engineers and technical staff to provide after sale service. Om Nanotech can provide repair and rework services on standalone basis too for products manufactured by third-party, with its capabilities to rework PCBA/finished products, BGA and TSOP rework capabilities, replace components, PCB track rework etc. It also has exclusive arrangement with fully functional a service centre in Delhi which is equipped to receive faulty parts from across India and repair the same to be sent back to customers. If required, OM Nanotech can build website as well as social media interface for customers to lodge queries, complaints and tracking disposal thereof.
    Warranty services:
  • OM Nanotech can provide adequate non peelable stickers or laser marking on product to track the manufacturing date/warranty obligations. The warranty can be serviced at the exclusive service centre in Delhi, which in turn can interface with the OM Nanotech factory, if required.
    Dispatch Logistics:
  • OM Nanotech is equipped to dispatch and track finish products across India and ensure their timely delivery. OM Nanotech is currently providing such services pan India for its own products.
    Import of Raw Material:
  • OM Nanotech can procure raw material as per customer requirement. The customer can specify their own vendors as well as rates and OM Nanotech can take over the responsibility to import and do customs clearance. Alternatively, customer can specify the approved makes/brands for the raw material and OM Nanotech can procure the same. So the customer can save logistic and custom clearing issues.
    Quality Control:
  • Quality control is bedrock of any EMS. OM Nanotech has proven SOPs for qualities that are time tested over last 15 years. OM Nanotech takes pride in manufacturing replicable quality for each and every batch. OM Nanotech is very well acknowledged in the industry since it has sold more than 10 million products and there has been no outstanding RMA or batch failure. The quality SOPs are well documented in English as well as local language, where required.

    Each operator is certified by quality department to work on specific seat. Elaborate reporting and batch testing is done to ensure consistent quality.

    In inhouse elaborate custom designed software ensures that all parameters for every batch are meticulously recorded. In case investigation for a particular batch is required, then the system can pinpoint the specific operator and shift during which the problem occurred.

Om Nanotech manufactures products under brands Dolgix, Dolgix Gold, Dolgix ZIP, Dolgix Gaming and Zipmem.
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