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Are the constraints of traditional memory architectures holding back your groundbreaking designs? Our revolutionary phase change memory (PCM) merges the best attributes of NOR, NAND, and RAM, offering unprecedented capability in a single, nonvolatile memory chip.

About Phase Change Memory

Memory architecture can be a challenge—density, performance, packaging, and interfaces all affect system-level performance. Phase change memory (PCM) is a groundbreaking class of memory that delivers an unparalleled combination of performance and efficiency for your design.

Overview Benefits Density Package Endurance
Serial PCM
  • Ideal for high-density SPI architectures
  • Byte-alterability (overwrite capability)
  • Increases system-level reliability
32–128Mb SOIC-16 1,000,000 cycles
Parallel PCM
  • Ideal for high-end, high-performance embedded applications
  • Simplifies software management
  • Improves overall performance
128Mb 56-pin TSOP
64-ball Easy BGA (8x10mm)
1,000,000 cycles

Serial PCM

Is there a single memory technology that can fit all your embedded application needs, with the design simplicity and drop-in convenience of a serial interface? Yes.

The P5Q PCM is purpose-built to meet the memory requirements of embedded systems, delivering multiple I/O capability and compatibility via familiar SPI NOR interfaces. P5Q improves overall performance and enables software simplification using byte-alterability (overwrite capability). It also increases system-level reliability by delivering 1 million write-cycle endurance (compared to 100,000 for NOR flash).

Parallel PCM

Our P8P phase change memory (PCM) combines the best traits of traditional memory technologies into a single, nonvolatile device with a performance-boosting parallel interface. Ideal for high-end high performance embedded applications, second-generation P8P products increase performance, improve endurance, and simplify software management.

And PCM products are backed by 30 years of Micron’s industry-leading expertise and innovation in semiconductor design and manufacturing. You’ll get the stability, flexibility, support, and availability that you need in a long-term memory solution and in a long-term memory provider—the Micron quality and capability you’ve come to expect.

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