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We have range from 1866MHz to 2400MHz modules just for you!

Un-lock your Intel processor's performance by giving it extreme boost. Choose Modules from our below table for your monster Intel Processor and monster Motherboard. NOTE: XMP is profile suggested by Intel Processor manufacturer; likewise you have to choose motherboard; i.e., both Processor and motherboard should support Intel’s XMP. For best results, use our RAM to squeeze maximum from your Processor and motherboard.

Like most SLR's of todays’ technology, all you have to do is set the knob to “Auto” and shoot. The settings like focus, exposure, light source, stabilization etc, will be taken care by the camera itself.

Similarly, you don't have to try out several tweakings or over-clock settings for yourself, just go to BIOS settings of your motherboard, choose and activate Intel's XMP (eXtreme Memory Profile), and your RAM is ready. This feature is possible as Intel processor has reserved a special place in regular SPD (An EEPROM on Memory Module) where it keeps the high performance values at special location that has already been researched and tuned by us. We save these tweaked settings on special location in SPD. To ensure its performance and reliability, we test all our gamming modules in both, normal mode and XMP mode. To know more about XMP, you may visit site: [http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/gaming/gaming-computers/intel-extreme-memory-profile-xmp.html].

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