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DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory) modules are a lifeline to a computer in today’s world. We have been manufacturing and competing with world class memory modules across globe. Being in the industry through last couple of years in manufacturing, since 2007, we have come up with brilliant quality solutions for memory modules. Our R&D team keeps innovating new solutions from time to time and ensures utilization of DRAM IC to the last bit. The quality that makes us unique is, that, we have facility to test DRAM ICs (Memory Chips) and modules. They are tested 100% before it is packed for you.

We offer a wide variety of modules in different brands – dolgix-Gold, dolgix, Bestmem, Qumem & OEM. We offer these brands to cover the price and quality divide. For our premium range, we offer dolgix-Gold, which offers excellent reliability – we provide Lifetime Warranty for the same. For those who are price cautious, but at the same time do not want to compromise on quality, we provide Qumem; a unique blend of quality and affordability built with special customized tools and techniques to ensure hastle free working of RAM. Dolgix-Gold; dolgix, Bestmem, Qumem are mentioned as per quality and raw material used to build RAM for you. We also offer OEM which is a mid-point between dolgix-Gold and Qumem. We assure that each and every module manufactured goes stringent testing on at-least two different platforms to ensure durability. A sample compatibility check is also done for each lot to ensure compatibility on almost all motherboards present in market. Rest assured, we have extensive array of centres across India & globe to support for warranty. For any enquiries/doubts/suggestions, please feel free to contact at sales@om-nanotech.com

dolgix gold computer laptop ram

We have complete range for Un-buffered Non-ECC memory modules as below:











SDR Long / SO DIMM 100, 133
DDR / DDR-1 Long / SO DIMM 200, 266, 333, 400
DDR-2 Long / SO DIMM 533, 667, 800
DDR-3 Long / SO DIMM 1066, 1333, 1600
DDR-4 Long / SO DIMM 2133, 2400,2666,2800,2933,3200        
  • DDR4
    • DDR4 4GB 2133 MHz
    • DDR4 4GB 2400 MHz
    • DDR4 4GB 2666 MHz
    • DDR4 4GB 2800 MHz
    • DDR44 GB 2933 MHz
    • DDR4 4GB 3200 MHz
    • DDR4 8GB 2133 MHz
    • DDR4 8GB 2400 MHz
    • DDR4 8GB 2666 MHz
    • DDR4 8GB 2800 MHz
    • DDR4 8GB 2933 MHz
    • DDR4 8GB 3200 MHz
    • DDR4 16GB 2133 MHz
    • DDR4 16GB 2400 MHz
    • DDR4 16GB 2666 MHz
    • DDR4 16GB 2800 MHz
    • DDR4 16GB 2933 MHz
    • DDR4 16GB 3200 MHz
  • DDR3
    • DDR3 1GB 1333 MHz
    • DDR3 1GB 1066 MHz
    • DDR3 2GB 1333 MHz
    • DDR3 2GB 1600 MHz
    • DDR3 2GB 1066 MHz
    • DDR3 4GB 1333 MHz
    • DDR3 4GB 1600 MHz
    • DDR3 8GB 1333 MHz
    • DDR3 8GB 1600 MHz
    • DDR3 16 GB 1333 MHz
    • DDR3 16 GB 1600 MHz
  • DDR2
    • DDR2 1GB 800 MHz
    • DDR2 1GB 667 MHz
    • DDR2 2GB 800 MHz DDR2 2GB 667 MHz
  • DDR1
    • DDR1 512MB 400 MHz
    • DDR1 1GB 400 MHz
    • DDR1 2 GB 400 MHz
    • DDR1 1GB 333 MHz
  • SDR
    • 256MB SDR 100MHz
    • 256MB SDR 133MHz
    • 512MB SDR 133MHz

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